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New Bike Package

Why Trust Cardinal Bicycle for your New Bike?

A new bike is a big commitment and a special day. We do everything we can to make your bike buying process seamless. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need for a good experience so you can focus on your ride. 

Every bike comes with our New Bike Package, valued at over $400.

Cardinal Bicycle's New Bike Package includes:

  • A friendly team member to help you pick out the right bike and equipment to meet your needs 
  • Professional assembly of your new bike 
  • 30-day New Bike Check-up for both you and your bike 
  • Discount on a Retul Premium Fit

Finding Your Bike

Our dedicated sales team will help you select the right bike to meet your needs. This includes selecting the right size frame; matching you with a bike that meets your goals, riding style, and budget; test riding different bikes; and answering any questions you may have.

We offer personal and one-on-one service to help you through this exciting and fun process. 

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Getting Your Bike Ready to Ride

Our bikes are built and tuned by professional mechanics. Every bike that comes out of a box (and they all come out of boxes) will need derailleur adjustments, wheel truing, brake bleeds, bearing adjustments and more.  

Our mechanics perform a full tune up on every new bike we assemble—a $135 value.  

Upon picking up your bike, we will perform saddle height adjustments, set sag for mountain bikes, and install your favorite accessories.

30-Day New Bike Check up

Within a month, your bike will be ready for a check up with our service department for basic adjustments as your parts begin to break in. This is a normal part of any new bike break in process. We perform this $50 service at no cost to you.  

This is also a good time to evaluate your comfort. Based on your feedback, we will adjust your bike to minimize problems like saddle discomfort, knee pain, back pain, hand numbness, foot pain, and more—typically a $100 value.

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Retül Premium Fit

Every bike we sell comes with a $100 discount for a Retül Premium Bike Fit. We recommend this service for any one who is putting in a lot of miles, wants to reduce their risk of injury, has previous injuries, or wants to be as comfortable or as powerful as possible.

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Find Your New Bike

$4,560.00 - $6,260.00
$6,200.00 - $6,260.00
$4,735.00 - $5,560.00
$4,780.00 - $5,960.00
$1,760.00 - $2,400.00
$3,000.00 - $3,060.00
$3,000.00 - $3,060.00
$3,249.99 - $4,090.00
$2,060.00 - $2,560.00