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Cardinal Bicycle University

Here at Cardinal, we want to make sure you're educated and aware of your bike and how to ride it. That's why we created Cardinal Bicycle University. Through CBU, we will help you build a solid base of skills on your bike. Our certified instructors will help you start every ride with confidence. Begin your cycling education now with CBU.

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CBU Brake Bleed Class

Location: Cardinal Bicycle - Grandin
Time: 6-8:30pm

One of the most important and often overlooked maintenance items is a well-done brake bleed. If you are confused about what tools to use, what kind of fluid goes in your brakes, or how to get started, we got you covered! Let our CBU instructors guide you through a step-by-step process. Ride confident with CBU! Includes Pro Bleed Kit, beverage of your choice at the Cardinal Café and CBU swag!

Bicycle Maintenance Class

Location: Cardinal Bicycle - Grandin
Time: 6-8pm

Are you interested in learning more about bike maintenance and repair? Want to tackle some of your own repairs, or be more self-sufficient? Then, this class is for you. Join 2 of our CBU professional mechanics in this 2-hour class based around our Essentials tune up. Ride confident with CBU!

Includes Prestacycle Fixit Sticks Pro multi tool, and CBU Swag!

You will learn:
Bike anatomy
Shift systems overview cable
Brake systems overview cable/hydro
Chain replacement and maintenance  
What you need for a ride

Foundations MTB Skills Clinic

Location: Carvins Cove, Roanoke, VA
Time: 9am-12pm

Are you looking to start mountain biking? Have you been riding for a few years and need to sharpen your skills? Did you have an accident and need that boost of confidence to keep riding your local trails? We are here to help! A Cardinal Bicycle University Foundations class is the perfect way for any rider to build a solid base of skills.

Intermediate MTB Skills Clinic

Location: Carvins Cove, Roanoke, VA
Time: 1:30-4:30pm

Do you want to level up your riding experience? Our Cardinal Bicycle University Intermediate class is the perfect way to build on your Foundations class. Tackle drops and rolls, start your journey into proper cornering and improve your speed and flow. Build your skills with our certified coaches and graduate with a new degree in mountain biking from CBU.

Private MTB Skills Clinic

Would you like a more tailor-made experience to your skills journey? Let the experienced instructors at Cardinal Bicycle build a targeted skills session to meet your needs! All of our private lessons include an in-person or over-the-phone interview so we can build you an unforgettable experience. Private lessons start at $200 for 2 hours and are $100/additional hour, which can be determined based upon your needs during the pre-lesson interview.