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MTB Suspension Service

Fork & Shock Services for Your MTB Suspension

Keep your suspension moving smoothly by letting us take care of preventative/required maintenance for you. Proper service of suspension components will remove dirt and other types of contamination from internal parts and fluid.

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Cardinal Suspension Service Options

We recently acquired an Andreani SP4 vacuum pump that allows us to bleed, and fill sealed dampers with zero air. This allows for a better performing suspension. We can’t use this on all brands or models of components, but we will use it on the ones that are compatible. We offer suspension for services alongside of shock services for your bike. Unsure which suspension service is right for you? Don't worry, we offer free estimates with expert guidance on which suspension service is best.

Fork Overhaul


Every year or 100 hours of ride time

The whole enchilada! This package includes a lowers service, damper rebuild and air spring service, restoring it to like new condition.  Rebuilt dampers will allow the rebound and compression adjustments to work smoothly allowing your wheel to track the ground with better control.

Shock Overhaul


Every year or 100 hours of ride time

Like our Fork Overhaul, this package takes the air can service and adds damper rebuild and negative spring charging. This service will remove the air from damper fluid allowing the rebound and compression circuits to work smoothly delivering better traction for your rear wheel.

Open Bath Fork Overhaul


Every year of 100 hours of ride time

For forks with open bath dampers, this overhaul includes a lowers service and adds fresh fluid and seals to the damper and air piston. This refresh will bring the fork to like new condition, with better control and traction for the front wheel.

Fork Lowers Service


Every 50 hours of ride time

Keep your fork running silky smooth with this preventative maintenance. We will remove the lower legs from your fork, clean and inspect them. Upon reassembly we will install fresh wiper seals, foam rings and inject fresh fluid in the lowers.

Shock Air Can Service


Every 50 hours of ride time

This preventative maintenance for your shock will help keep it smooth and supple. We will remove the air can and clean and inspect it. Upon reassembly we will install fresh seals and fluid.

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Bike Service & Repairs

No matter the issue, from a tune up to a complete build or overhaul, Cardinal Bicycle is your one-stop shop. Drop off anytime for a fast and free, no-obligation estimate so you can make decisions without unexpected expenses. If proper work is done to your bike, it can last a lifetime.